Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Improve AT&T mobile coverage in your home

Facing problem with your AT&T mobile coverage and frustrated because of its poor coverage in one roof? Here is the solution for that as AT&T Microcell tower. Your own mobile network in your home for you and your family members.You can buy this Microcell tower from AT&T store or directly from here. Now what this will do is, it will create a dedicated coverage in your home for your 3G and 4G devices like iPhone and Android phones.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Retinal implants gave sight to 9 people

Blindness - one word, which stop any one to make think for couple of seconds that how life become difficult if anybody is in this situation but thanks to the modern science nine people have been liberated from the from their blindness, retinal implant that restores light to an eye so these people were able to see otherwise it won't be possible for them to see this beautiful world. The Alpha IMS, is the device which utilizes the eye’s own neurons, unlike some other devices.The device is implanted in the patient’s head and is powered via a separate battery pack that is wireless and located outside of the body. A grid containing 1500 electrodes underneath the retina, is implanted. This method provides the patient with a higher resolution sight than any other available options.The implant works by detecting light. The amount of light detected can be controlled by the patient via a dial that is located behind the ear.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

One smart card which can replace all your debit,credit, gift and membership cards

Just imagine if one smart card which can carry all your debit and credit cards in it self. Think about the size of your wallet. It sounds like blessing for people like me who hate carry cash but only cards. This things make my wallet so think which I can't keep in my pocket. Coin will solve my problem and the problems of people like me. At the same time Coin is getting attention on internet by promising to slim down people's fat wallets by replacing their multiple credit, debit, gift and membership cards with a single card that can be used for purchases. Just in 40 minutes company reached its crowdfunding goal of $50,000 as soon as they started to take pre-orders on Thursday November 14, 2013. Lets see below video to understand that how this card will work. Is it complicated to use? My answer is NO it is very simple as company's theme is to simplify a life for people.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Convert your iPhone into isntant camera like Polaroid

The Impossible Instant Lab can transform your iPhone images into real, one-of-a-kind instant photographs that you can stroke and caress. Now, you can free your photos from your smartphone which is buried in the darkness of the photo gallery of your phone, give them life. Turn those spiritless pixels into something physical which you can feel. Simply select a picture on your iPhone, place the phone on the cradle, press the eject button – that's it. Within seconds it ejects your analog instant photo, ready to develop in the palm of your hand. Technology behind this is way way different then just to spray a ink on the paper like your printer does but it work completely on photo chemical magic. As this instrument is a real camera so it uses four element coated glass lens to take a photo from your iPhone's display and develops inside the layers of integral film. A simple question, when did you hold a physical developed photo in your hand at last? Time has come to try out this now. Click on read more for compatibility and features.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wireless projector by 3M with streaming stick from ROKU

Wireless 3M projector with streaming Roku stick
Wireless 3M projector with streaming Roku stick
The Internet has changed the way how we live our life now a days. It is much easier than ever to find and watch favorite shows, games, and recorded study lectures. But something’s amiss—friends and family don’t normally gather around computer monitors to watch together. This 3M portable wireless projector aims to unite the best of both worlds: an abundance of content from the Roku Streaming Stick and a huge picture (up to 120 inches across) that everyone can enjoy together. The projector can access a nearly endless contents from Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and other providers wherever there’s WiFi—though you may need a subscription for some services. The Streaming Stick can access content on newer TV models that have MHL ports, as well as computers. Here are some facts of this model as given below.

Detailed photos of Apple's campus 2, known as "Mothership"

An overhead view of Apple's Campus 2, Cupertino City
We discuss here about latest product launch, cool gadgets, useful How Tos and many more on this blog but today's topis is little different as we are going to show you pictures of one building which is not an ordinary but it will be a piece of an art. Yes, we will show you pictures of "Motheship", Apple's second campus in the Cupertino city. We know Apple is well known to create really beautiful, amazing products for the years then how come their own building can be out of this. As stated in Wired, Cupertino city officials recently gave the green light on Apple's wild new headquarters.  This is the time for Apple to taste sweet fruits of Mr. Steve Jobs' and his team's hard work. Click here to see a presentation which he gave back in 2011 to the council of Cupertino city.  So lets see how its gonna be? Once this is built then it will be place where forthcoming products of Apple will be announced to the world. The office will sit on a 176-acre plot of land, most of which will be dedicated to indigenous flora and fauna to act as a barrier between the floor-to-ceiling glass walls and the outside world.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Two updates are coming soon for Mavericks OS

From the sources, we came to know that Apple is sharing updates internally for it's latest OS Mavericks. We are expecting these two major updates by the end of this month as 10.9.1 and 10.9.2 which are known as "Board" and "Carve" internally.  These updates are expected to fix current bugs in Mavericks. iMessage in Mavericks OS X is lacking support to it's mobile OS, iOS 7 and FaceTime is facing some audio problems. These major updates will solve these problems. At the same time Apple is in process to launch individual updates to fix bugs in its iBooks, Safari, Remote Desktop Client apps.