Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A real waterproof cover for Samsung Galaxy SIII

Hmmm! looking for really an effective waterproof cover for your Samsung Galaxy SIII. Your wait got ended here! Now your Samsung Galaxy S III can go under the water with your iPhone 5.The LifeProof Nuud cases, previously available for Apple products only, are now available for the S III and the iPhone 5. (Note: You can get these cases from below links directly from amazon as a good deal)

The main important thing about these waterproof covers are that they do not membrane covering the phone’s glass but have a gasket that forms a seal against the phone’s glass to keep water from seeping past the screen, which is itself waterproof. This design makes the Nuud line among the thinnest, most rugged cases available for these phones and for the iPad as well. This company promises to make waterproof, snowproof, dirtproof and shockproof covers, the phones cannot be used underwater. (There are cases, like the one from DriSuit Technologies, that allow the phone to be used while submerged).

Get complete waterproof cover for your iPhone4/4S: Click the image to go for shopping!
While with LifeProof Nuud Cases, water on the screen can make it almost impossible for the phone to detect your touch.The case needs careful assembly to seal the bead around the screen. I found it best to assemble it on a hard surface and work my way around the phone, pressing down along the edges from the top to the bottom. At the base of the case is a hatch that opens to the charger, so you don’t have to remove the case to update the phone or top off the battery. Microphone and speaker ports are covered with a membrane that keeps water out (up to six feet down) but
lets sound pass.The Nuud is $90 for the S III and the iPhone 5 (but you can get little discount if you by from the above amazon links)