Friday, August 30, 2013

Hawaiian Airline - Replacing entertainment systems with iPad minis

What an idea! We heard that Airlines are starting to put iPad minis in stead of traditional entertainment systems. That's right, Hawaiian Airlines- starting from September 1st, will replace its in-flight traditional entertainment systems on some of its routes with iPad minis. This will be one mile stone when United States-based airline will offer iPads as in-flight entertainment solutions, I am really excited to travel! Hawaiian airline will start doing this change from it's all 767-300 aircraft. If we count roughly by seeing the Hawaiian airline's profile then 1500 iPad Minis will be deployed: 

Hawaiian Airlines‘ signature on-board hospitality is already very popular with travelers, but we wanted to go even further to ensure our customers’ travel experience is more enjoyable,” said Blaine Miyasato, Hawaiian Airlines vice president of product development. “With the help of Bluebox Avionics, we’re building on our acclaimed inflight service by incorporating the latest in popular consumer tech products to enhance our in-flight entertainment options.
It seems that these iPad Minis will be loaded with several newly released movies, latest TV programs and some interesting games on board. Hawaiian Airline is planning to offer these iPad access free for it's business class travelers but they will charge a nominal fees of $15 for their per-reserved economic class passengers and $17 for rest of the people. 

The iPad mini is available on the following routes:
Hawaiian Airlines currently operates the wide-body, twin-aisle Boeing 767-300 aircraft between Honolulu and Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, Seattle, Phoenix in the U.S.; Fukuoka and Sendai, Japan; Seoul, South Korea; Brisbane, Australia; Papeete, Tahiti; and Pago Pago, American Samoa. In addition, Hawaiian Airlines B767 routes also include service between Kahului, Maui and San Jose, Oakland and Seattle.
No wonders that iPad is making it's stand solid in aviation day by day and this is not first time it is entering in aviation. In the beginning of this year JetBlue and American Airlines began equipping its pilots and cockpits with iPads to manage mapping tools and other in-flight functionality.
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