Thursday, August 8, 2013

Top diesel hatchback cars for India

#1 Ford Figo

Well there are so many options out there to buy in India but I am talking about a practical option for most of the people of India. As a car buyer in India we need everything in one car and this is very challenging wish to fulfill by almost any companies. But still few models fulfill the requirement of a car buyer in India and we have prepared a list of top 5 diesel hatchback cars from wide range of selection and here is the #1 from our list. There are so many reasons, why Ford Figo is out performing all the options and standing on #1 but we will keep very short and concise list to make it simple to understand.


  • Perfect for a small family
  • Comfort, great handling
  • Style, beautiful interiors,
  • Good fuel efficiency ( 14.1 kmpl city & 18.5 kmpl highway) with powerful engine


  • High maintenance (7 out of 10 are saying but this definition may varies)
  • Not company provided power windows in rear seating.
  • Sock absorber are not soft enough.

#2 Maruti Suzuki Swift

Well, Maruti Suzuki Swift was # 1 choice in this segment for years without any doubt because of it's branding, low cost maintenance, mileage and many more reasons but after Ford Figo's entry Swift slide on #2 but honestly speaking #1 and #2 choice was very tough for make but just because of styling looks and great interiors Ford Figo conquered Swift in number racing. Here we go then lets see pros and cons of Swift


  • Low Maintenance
  • Very trusted and famous branding
  • Great resale value
  • Decent mileage


  • Waiting time is killing (I wish Maruti Suzuki read this)
  • Interior are not roomy and appealing like #1, not good return of money in term of inside feeling (Maruti, you gotta do something otherwise that time will come when trump card of branding won't help!!!)
  •  Interior feels like cheap plastic.

#3 Chevrolet Beat

Can anyone tell me, since how long Chevrolet is handling it's operation in India? I am asking this question because here is another reason why Maruti has to think over. All new players are doing something extra what Maruti is not doing and they are giving very tough competition. Chevrolet Beat is very tough and strong player of this segment. I think only one solid reason why it is not coming on #1 and that is, it's looks. Chevrolet worked on it (they launched hatchback version of Sail to attract family person because Beat has very trendy looks which attract more young individuals then a family man)


  • Very trendy, compact and catchy looks for youngsters and fairly fully loaded in quoted price.
  • The diesel Beat gives excellent mileage (City: 19 kmpl & Highways: 23-24 kmpl)
  • The car has good ride quality and quite stable at high speed (stability is better then #1 Ford Figo)
  • Result of car’s headlamps is quite impressive in night riding (point to consider for nigh riders).
  • Top-end variant is coming with automatic climate control, integrated music system and all-round power windows (again scoring more then #1). 
  • All variants get a digital tachometer, AC and power steering. 
  • General Motors offers a three-year or 45,000 km maintenance package with the Beat, where owners don’t have to spend anything on routine maintenance, and this is one of the car’s key selling points (I have tested their service for my Chevrolet Spark and I love this selling point, I never used to get scare for service my Car


  • Inside space is not enough especially is you want luggage room.
  • It has a small 170 liter boot space that can just hold very few luggage.
  • Though rear seats are comfortable but feel very  Also the rear seats, although comfortable, feel cramped due to the rising window line and use of dark colors for the interior. 
  • Small-built drivers may find visibility issue due to the Beat’s high raise bonnet and dashboard, as well as thick pillars that restrict all-round visibility. 
  • Though Beat diesel is a good fuel-efficient car but it can get noisy in the driver's cabin at high rpms. 
(Dear readers, there are so many other option out there and many more to include in this list. The main goal for this post is to help people to choose a best car for them without getting confuse...)