Friday, August 23, 2013

What if you can know that call receivers are busy even before you dial them?

We are familiar with red and green radio dots before the name while doing chatting on Google (Gtalk, now known as hangout), yahoo messenger which give us an idea weather the user is available or busy. But what if we can know that person is busy or free even before calling them on their  cellphone? Yes, you are right. Dream is coming true very soon with Apple's iPhone.
Apple Inc. is seeking a patent for a this feature that would show “status” radio dots in yours contacts directly. This will be determined by iOS updated version by using ringer volume setting, location, cell reception strength, battery level and calendar.(One thing makes me wonder, and that is privacy) If this will happen then what about the user's privacy? (Privacy issue can be the biggest hurdle for this feature) Of course this feature will be available with turn on/off functionality I believe. All process will happen in behind-the-scenes without the user having to do anything. “Incoming voice calls to mobile devices can be intrusive under certain situations,” the patent application says. “The caller in such cases has no control over whether or not the call will be accepted.” Though this patent hasn't been approved yet (Apple recently secured a large number of patents). One of them allows for a cellphone to automatically text selected contacts when the device discovers that it has a new phone number. That could bring an end to those annoying, “New number! Please update your contacts” Facebook groups.
One of the most amazing technique to manage the swelling of batteries is coming and on it's way to Apple's products.
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