Sunday, September 29, 2013

Release date of Apple's Mavericks OS X

Mavericks OS X releases on October 2013 end

Hey readers, so how you been? Well, I was out of town and little bit disconnected. So, what's going on at Apple's camp, hummm? They launched iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C (old news) everybody wrote about it. Let's see what they are doing now. One exciting questions that when Mavericks OS X is coming. So many blogs are writing bla bla bla... let me take you to straight most accurate date. Apple is launching Mavericks  OS X at the end of October 2013. Well, I am excited to migrate from Mountain Lion OS X to Mavericks.

All steps shows that Apple has one hidden agenda to dissolve computer OS and mobile OS together, if this happens then mobility will be excellant. Lets see how far my guess come true. Until now it has come true.