Thursday, October 24, 2013

Check this out before upgrading to Mavericks OS X

Mavericks OS X
Hmmm, so as I told you in my last post that Apple is going to launch its latest OS Mavericks at the end of October 2013 and here we are. They launched it. Well, let me tell you what was my first expression! As usual it was not rocket science to install this OS on my current OS X of Mountain Lion on MacBook Pro 13" (Things need to take care before installing though - If your system is bit old nearly 3-4 year then it is better you run Disk Repair utility before you install this. Otherwise installation may interrupt in the middle) I had this problem so thought to mention here to save your time during installation.

Mashable has written very nice post on how to install Mavericks as a "clean install"? You can read that post from here I like that option but if you don't want to go that much deep for just installation then simply follow on screen instructions during installation and you will be good to go!

iBooks, Maps, Tags and tabs in finder are really cool stuff to enjoy. I liked iBooks so much on my MacBook Pro really great experience!


  • Some of the applications (e.g. Cleaner, cisco wifi app etc.) may have compatibility issue with this upgrade. So if you are using specific software then  check for the compatibility and then go for upgrade.
  • System start catching heat after upgrade