Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Detailed photos of Apple's campus 2, known as "Mothership"

An overhead view of Apple's Campus 2, Cupertino City
We discuss here about latest product launch, cool gadgets, useful How Tos and many more on this blog but today's topis is little different as we are going to show you pictures of one building which is not an ordinary but it will be a piece of an art. Yes, we will show you pictures of "Motheship", Apple's second campus in the Cupertino city. We know Apple is well known to create really beautiful, amazing products for the years then how come their own building can be out of this. As stated in Wired, Cupertino city officials recently gave the green light on Apple's wild new headquarters.  This is the time for Apple to taste sweet fruits of Mr. Steve Jobs' and his team's hard work. Click here to see a presentation which he gave back in 2011 to the council of Cupertino city.  So lets see how its gonna be? Once this is built then it will be place where forthcoming products of Apple will be announced to the world. The office will sit on a 176-acre plot of land, most of which will be dedicated to indigenous flora and fauna to act as a barrier between the floor-to-ceiling glass walls and the outside world.

Way to parking of Apple's campus 2
Way to go underground parking of The Mother-ship, Apple's Campus -2

parking of Apple's campus2