Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Improve AT&T mobile coverage in your home

Facing problem with your AT&T mobile coverage and frustrated because of its poor coverage in one roof? Here is the solution for that as AT&T Microcell tower. Your own mobile network in your home for you and your family members.You can buy this Microcell tower from AT&T store or directly from here. Now what this will do is, it will create a dedicated coverage in your home for your 3G and 4G devices like iPhone and Android phones.
It is very easy to set up this device (If you are buying it from At&T store then you may be ask them to activate it for you by that way you can avoid all this activation work). It comes with decent description and all required manuals. First you need to activate Microcell tower from here. Select Personal or Business account as per your need. Register your self and your family members' phone number in the account. This Microcell offers you unlimited talk time among registered number with it. You can start conversion under Microcell coverage and can continue wherever you like without using minutes and even without worrying to get disconnected. Suppose if you are already on the call while you are out side of your home and as soon as you enter in your home you will be entering in Microcell coverage area without getting disconnected.

You will need following things to use AT&T Microcell tower

  • Monthly voice plan
  • AT&T 3G capable device and SIM card
  • High Speed (Broadband Internet connection)
  • Complete on-line registration process
  • Connect Microcell to Network

You need to check following things to make sure your Microcell is fully activated or not.

  • A text message and email message are received
  • A 3G light is solid green on your Microcell tower instrument
  • A 3G cellphone shows "AT&T MicroCell" or "AT&T M-Cell" in stead of AT&T as your network provider
  • Following video will help you to understand the whole process in quick.