Saturday, November 16, 2013

One smart card which can replace all your debit,credit, gift and membership cards

Just imagine if one smart card which can carry all your debit and credit cards in it self. Think about the size of your wallet. It sounds like blessing for people like me who hate carry cash but only cards. This things make my wallet so think which I can't keep in my pocket. Coin will solve my problem and the problems of people like me. At the same time Coin is getting attention on internet by promising to slim down people's fat wallets by replacing their multiple credit, debit, gift and membership cards with a single card that can be used for purchases. Just in 40 minutes company reached its crowdfunding goal of $50,000 as soon as they started to take pre-orders on Thursday November 14, 2013. Lets see below video to understand that how this card will work. Is it complicated to use? My answer is NO it is very simple as company's theme is to simplify a life for people.

As explained in the video above, Coin is an electronic card holder all of the credit, debit, membership and gift cards' information. A person just have to choose a card before making a payment as shown in video above by pressing a button of Coin. This card has the same size as other credit and debit cards moreover you can use this card at any ATMs also to withdraw money. This card will come with card reader which can be connected to your smartphone by just swiping a card in to that card reader while it is attached to your smartphone you can feed any card's details in Coin card. After swiping the card take a picture of that card it will store image of that credit or debit card in the Coin card and you are done. Now you are ready to walk with only your Coin card. Card can be pre-order from this link though it reached to its crowdfunding. Cost will be $100 for this card but user can pre-order at a discounted price of $55 from here which includes shipping. This smart card is expected to be shipped in next summer.