Thursday, November 7, 2013

How to password protect a page in blogger's blog?

How to password protect a blog
How to password protect a blog
Hello readers, this post will mention how to password protect a page of your blog in blogger. This trick is tested on my other blogger's blog and below Javascripts code works error free and successfully on blogger. Though, I haven't tried it on WordPress platform but it should work because the concept is same. Let's check out step by step process of  how we can set password for a page. 
Step - 1: 
Create a page in blogger from the dashboard and keep all your data on that page as per your blog's requirement. This data will be very important or may be you want to put some price tag to give accessibility of this data. No problem, after keeping all data please proceed to step - 2 .

Step - 2
After keeping all required data on a page, click on HTML as shown in below picture. Now you have to set a javascript code (image file is given below this picture) at very beginning of all code. You can copy and paste code from here. Download coding txt file from here. Now proceed to step - 3

Click on HTML tab and paste following code at the beginning.
Code for password protect a page in blogger.
Step -3
Save page and publish it after writing this code. You can set password of your choice in place of word - password in single inverted coma ' ' before curly bracket. Please write domain address of your choice in place of '' - your blog visitor will be directed to this domain in case if password is wrong. You may create custom made page to inform your reader that password was entered was wrong in case if they enter wrong password and don't forget to put links to go back to your blog home page other wise you may loose that reader just because you don't have link to go back to your blog. 

Please write comment if you have any question about this process.