Friday, November 8, 2013

Two updates are coming soon for Mavericks OS

From the sources, we came to know that Apple is sharing updates internally for it's latest OS Mavericks. We are expecting these two major updates by the end of this month as 10.9.1 and 10.9.2 which are known as "Board" and "Carve" internally.  These updates are expected to fix current bugs in Mavericks. iMessage in Mavericks OS X is lacking support to it's mobile OS, iOS 7 and FaceTime is facing some audio problems. These major updates will solve these problems. At the same time Apple is in process to launch individual updates to fix bugs in its iBooks, Safari, Remote Desktop Client apps.

One very interesting news we came to know so far is that, Apple Inc. is working on it's new OS "10.10 Syrah". The idea behind all these new launches of OSes are , Apple would like to develop one OS for personal computer and mobile devise platform so the boundary between mobile devices and personal computers can be vanished for ever and Apple can proudly make an announcement for doing something revolutionary by inventing something really smart and useful for current market demands. Let's wait and watch, what good is coming for consumers like us? Please comment if you have any other guesses.