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Dear readers, 

Well, as we all know this is the most difficult page to write but at the same time it is fun too. This blog is mainly based on the information on latest news in tech world like latest product launch, cool gadgets and some useful How Tos also. As this is my most common questions starts with "How to" on most of the search engine so I thought it is better to add that section in my blog also. All "How Tos" mentioned of this blog are tested by me and runs perfectly error less, so when you face any problem during application of any "How Tos" please feel free to write your question in comment and I will happy to reply you back on that.

More over this blog has information on traveling and has photos of some tours. All travel related blogs has photos shoot by me and they are freely available for use, so feel free to use them for rest of the picture you may have to check with the copyrights of those photos. Please check our DMCA and Disclaimer please for all the rules and regulation what we follow to run this blog. 

Please write in comment of any respective post if you have any concern, question or suggestions. 

Thank you and happy surfing.